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Christian Lowe

 Aiken saddle pros is pleased to offer our customers the knowledge and services of Christian Lowe of Paramount Saddlery.
Christian has been actively involved in the horse community since the early 1980's and has turned this passion for horses
into a career as a Saddle Maker. Serving a full apprenticeship with a British trained Master Saddler and working
closely with many saddle manufacturers from Europe has given him a deep understanding of saddle fitting
and saddle making issues that face today's Equestrian.

Today, Christian is the owner of Paramount Saddlery Ltd and making one of a kind custom saddles for North American riders. 
Equestrian's such as Nancy MacLachlan, Belinda Trussel, and Jessica Costello trust Christian's skills as a saddle maker and fitter. 

Aiken Saddle Pros is the only distributor in the US of Christian's unique and quality saddles. 
Please contact us for more information and pricing.